Together, we work towards a long-term retirement plan, by choosing the right superannuation option for you and your goals.


Debt Consolidation

We show you how to create wealth by allowing your finances work for you. Investments, sharemarkets and property are a few strategic options.



By chatting with an insurance consultant, you’re able to identify the type and level of insurance cover required.


Wealth Management

Your wealth can be vulnerable to changes. We look at different options to protect your wealth from unforeseeable circumstances.

Have you given much thought to your finances lately?

Most Australians lead busy lives, working hard to provide for their families while trying to build a nest for the future.

But sadly, this straight-forward plan doesn’t always work out. What most Australians don’t know is that without proper financial advice, you are vulnerable to retiring without the nest you’ve been working so hard towards, or without reaching the saving and retirement goals you’ve had in mind.

That’s where we can help. We listen to you, and ask questions based on your current financial circumstances, and your long term financial goals. We aim to set you up today, so that you don’t have to think twice about where your money will come from, for you and your loved ones, tomorrow.

Find out how Sure Worth Financial can help you.

Expert Consultation

“What kept me up at night was worrying what would happen to my kids if I didn’t have a good financial plan in place. Through word-of-mouth, I found Sure Worth, and explained my situation to them straight away. I still remember that day, I could rest assured knowing we had a water tight plan, and we even found room to invest as well.” – Ashley Bourne

Giving you Control

“We thought the Super funds suggested by our employers would be enough. But we were wrong, and thankfully we came across Sure Wealth Financial because they opened our eyes, and gave us back control of our money. Otherwise, our retirement would’ve come around, and our mortgage wouldn’t have been paid off, and we definitely would have had to sell.” – Rommel and Arti Lagare

Growing Finances

“I wanted to grow our finances so that we’d be financially secure today, and into our retirement. Jacob from Sure Worth showed us many different investment options, but put forward the ones he thought suited our needs. What’s better, was that he helped us protect our money, so that when I got sick a few months later, our insurance took over. Without that, we would’ve been completely lost.”  – Anne and John Bennett

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