Insurance: Peace of Mind for your Family

Protect yourself and your family from the unexpected. With insurance cover, you gain peace of mind that you’ll be looked after even in tough, frustrating and testing circumstances.

From life insurance to income cover, protecting your livelihood is critical to the health, well-being and stability of your family. At Sure Worth Financial, we provide a suite of insurance cover tailored to suit your needs. Specialising in life insurance, income protection, disability insurance and trauma insurance, our consultants personalise an insurance solution according to your lifestyle, your circumstances and the requirements of you and your dependants.

Don’t get caught out by accidents or circumstances out of your control. Get protected today with quality insurance solutions from Sure Worth Financial.


How Insurance Works for You

By chatting with an insurance consultant, you’re able to identify the type and level of insurance cover required. You arrange set payments that allow you to access a plethora of benefits and resources, should the unexpected happen. Not just only for yourself, your insurance cover can often extend to your family and your dependants. Avoid digging into your savings or having to part with assets by letting your insurance cover soften the blow of unexpected costs.

Depending on your level of insurance cover and your selected inclusions, you and your family can be taken care of in a wide variety of circumstances. From covering your income to keep things afloat after an injury to providing lump sum payments and covering the costs of care and support after an injury, insurance cover allows you to maintain your lifestyle and access the resources you need with minimal stress.


Protect What Matters

Protect what matters most by organising insurance cover that adequately suits your needs. From growing families to established couples, each individual has a unique set of requirements when it comes to insurance. At Sure Worth Financial, we help you find cover that provides you with support and stability when it you need it most. Our cover includes:

  • Life cover insurance

    • Life insurance involves a lump sum payment paid to your family and other beneficiaries. Designated to provide your family with financial security, life insurance is payable upon the diagnosis of a terminal illness or if you pass away.
  • Income insurance

    • Income insurance covers a set amount of your income if you’re unable to work for a multitude of reasons, including injury or disability. Income insurance means that your monthly expenses, like mortgage payments and bills, can continue to get paid.
  • Disability insurance

    • Disability insurance provides you with cover to take care of expenses and to protect your income should you become disabled.
  • Trauma insurance

    • Trauma insurance offers cover and support upon the diagnosis of a specific illness. Generally covering major illnesses like cancer or a stroke, trauma insurance offers support on conditions that significantly impact a person’s life.


Get Insurance Cover Today

At Sure Worth Financial, we specialise in advising on a wide range of insurance cover solutions. Tailored to suit your circumstances and lifestyle, our insurance options help you and your family stay protected against the unexpected.

Find out more about our range of insurance options. Contact us today on 04 7777 7771 .